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Mae Phim

A little over two hours' driving distance from the Suvarnabhumi Airport of Bangkok to the south-east lies the beautiful, paradise-like beach of Mae Phim. Here you will find the nearly empty shores, clear waters, delicious Thai and European cooking, and real Thai hospitality. 


For many the yet completely unknown Mae Phim has for Thai people been the favourite vacation and week-end location for quite some time. The fact that the summer palace of the Swedish crown princess is located in the vicinity of our house partly ensures that Mae Phim remains tidy and peaceful. 


At the distance of about one kilometre from our residential area lies a true Thai fisher village with its fish markets and dozens of local  restaurants. 


The climate in south-east Asia is milder than in western or southern Thailand, which at times are visited by fierce monsoon rains. Indeed, Mae Phim boasts with the best climate of Thailand with the least of monsoon rains. 



Rent a House in Thailand

If you have a good mind to go trekking or for shopping in the nearby villages and towns, such as  Ban Phe, Klaeng, Rayong, Pattaya and Koh Chang, you can access them handily by a motorcycle, bus, songthaew pick-up busses, or by renting a car (with driver or without). 


Dozens of restaurants, shops, and all other basic services are located just within a walking distance from our house.

Towns and cities near Mae Phim

Ban Phe (about 20 km / 12,4 miles)

Klaeng (less than 20 km / 12,4 miles)

Rayong (about 48 km / 30 miles)

Pattaya (less than 100 km / 62 miles)

Bangkok (less than 200 km / 124 miles)

These are easily reached by either a scooter, car, minibus or bus.


The nearest islands

The Koh Man Island group comprises three islands: Koh Man Nai, Koh Man Klang and Koh Man Nok. These tiny islands remain pristine and have excellent coral reefs. Koh Man Nai (the smallest of the islands) has a single beach and is only 100 metres across. It is not possible to stay overnight on Koh Man Nai because camping is prohibited and there is no other accommodation available. This is likely because of the abundance of sea turtles around the island – through Her Majesty the Queen's conservation efforts to preserve sea turtles there are plans to turn Koh Man Nai into a turtle sanctuary.


Koh Man Klang and Koh Man Nok both have excellent beaches. In addition, being quiet and sparsely populated (and by no means over visited!), the coral reefs around the islands are still in perfect condition. It is possible to rent snorkelling, sailing, and canoeing equipment from the islands’ few resorts.


Well-known island, Koh Chang is located only about (170 km / 105 miles) from Mae Phim. 


Worth seeing places or things to do...

Kho Chamao National Park

Kho Wong National Park

Klong Pla Kang (Waterfalls)

Wat Pa Pradu (Temple)

Rayong Aquarium

Sobha Botanical (Garden)

Suphattra Land (Fruit farm)

Sunthorn Phu Memorial Park (Royal poet)

Lotus Crystal Factory

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