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There are many good reasons to travel to Mae Phim also in the spring, summer or autumn.

1. Flight tickets are cheaper than during winter time.

2. Local price level is even more advantageous than during winter time.

3. Accommodation prices are cheaper.
4. It rains less than is commonly supposed. Nature is greener with lots of flowers.

5. There are less tourists than normally (even though mass tourism is not known at all at Mae Phim).


The temperature in spring, summer and autumn is wonderfully warm. The day temperature remains at 26 - 36 Celsius. In places, there may be short and strong rain showers. During the rain season in May/June, and September/October, there are 12 - 18 rainy days a month. However, this does not mean that it rains all the time. Mornings and forenoons are often sunny, and rain falls in short-lived showers. Rains may sometimes be quite strong, but their water is warm, as are daily temperatures. Most rain falls during night time. The temperature of sea water remains at even 28 Celsius. 


The table below displays the statistical average temperatures and the count of rainy days in Mae Phim during the last 30 years.

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